We are Hiring...!!!!!
Published on Nov. 24, 2021, 4:14 p.m.

Dear Students, 

Veranda Race (Previously Chennai Race Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd) is hiring for the following positions for our Veranda Race Offline Branches in Tamil Nadu. 

Please send your resumes to teamhr.race@gmail.com

For Trainers , the applicant has to be proficient in the subject for which they are applying and should be able to converse with the student in Tamil and English. 

Freshers can also apply for the posts. 

1Banking English Trainer1Dindigul
2Reasoning Trainer1Dindigul
3TNPSC Science Trainer1Chennai
4HR - Intern1Chennai
5Banking Mentor4Trivandrum
6SSC Mentor1Trivandrum
8Tnpsc Economy Trainer1Tirunelveli
9Tnpsc Geography Trainer1Tirunelveli
10Tnpsc Mentor1Tirunelveli
11Banking English Trainer1Tirunelveli
12SSC Mentor 1Pondicherry
13English Trainer1Pondicherry
14SSC Maths Trainer/Aptitude Trainer1Pondicherry
15SSC Mentor1Karaikudi
16Banking Mentor1Karaikudi
17TNPSC Mentor1Karaikudi
18Banking Aptitude Trainer1Erode
19Banking Mentor1Erode
20Front Office Executive1Erode
21Front Office Executive1Coimbatore
22SSC Mentor1Coimbatore
23SSC Mentor1Kanchipuram
24Tnpsc Trainer(History & Polity)1Kanchipuram
25Banking Mentor1Kanchipuram
26Aptitude Trainer1Madurai
27English Trainer1Madurai
28Banking Mentor1chengalpattu
29Tnpsc Mentor1chengalpattu
30Banking Mentor1Trichy